Telling who is telling the truth

Click on this link to get “Telling Who is Telling theTruth.”Too often, I see workplace investigations that fall short because the investigator has skipped the essential step of assessing credibility. The notion that one must have an admission or a smoking gun to find that an incident, event or situation occurred, or occurred consistently with a particular witness’ version, shortchanges those who have sought our help. An investigation must be willing to examine everything from motive to be truthful or untruthful, the patterns of credibility of various witnesses, and even “soft corroboration” such as contemporaneous complaints to someone outside the workplace. As we work to ascertain truth, we also have to be careful that we don’t subscribe to incorrect notions of what “truth” or “lies” look like. The attached article provides some food for thought and some methodological help for those seeking to improve their “lie detection” when doing investigations.


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