This blog is a way for Sepler & Associates’ President, Fran Sepler, to share insights, thoughts, trends, developing ideas and new research.  It is also a place to promote topical discussions about issues important to human resources professionals, employment lawyers, and other people focused on the complex questions in today’s workplace.

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4 Responses to About

  1. I am attempting to renew my private investigator’s license. To do so I am attempting to receive credit for the classes I sat for that were taught by you. Since my efforts have been rejected once already, I wanted to provide them with the required background on you. Belatedly, thanks for the information.

  2. Michelle Beyer says:

    I attended three of your sessions earlier this year at the Upper Midwest Law conference. I was very impressed with your knowledge and your ability to effectively deliver the information. During your session on Psychology behind a Harassment complaint, you discussed receptive cultures and deflective cultures. You stated that a complaint is a good thing indicating that it shows people are comfortable bringing forward concerns. I tend to agree, however I am wondering based on your experience with numerous organizations how you would define what a “healthy” amount or number of complaints would be relative to the size of the organization?

  3. Fran Sepler says:

    Healthy organizations receive informal complaints frequently, and formal complaints infrequently — in other words, people can raise the issues that matter to them, and in most cases the issues get resolved below the threshold that requires a formal intervention.

  4. diana bolan says:

    Hi Fran. I just happened to find your website and would be very interested in attending any sessions you are offering relative to investigations. I am a former principal of edmonton public schools and currently the district investigator for issues relating to harassment and discrimination as well as code of conduct breaches. I have received a lot of training however, would love to hear you speak. Thank you.

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